How it Works

When the education sector today is brimming with options; 

It is understandable for students to explore before choosing the right coaching institute.  
But handling cold leads, answering questions and following-up with partially interested students, which often results in no registration, can be time-consuming and frustrating!

You need to focus on providing the best service to your existing students; And that’s why we are here to help you!

Introducing AddedCourse – a team of professionals who will take the registration work off your hands so that you can focus on driving growth and providing the best knowledge!

How? Simple.

We will never send any raw leads your way. Instead, we will talk to the interested student, find out their course choices, send them for demo classes and once there are satisfied, we will counsel them in completing the registration process, all the way to collecting the fees and passing it on to you!

This way all you get from us are 100% finalized students, without any hassle!

The best part is that we ask for no up-front fees; meaning that you only pay for successful registrations!

So, what are you waiting for? 


Contact us at +91 88848 18818 to get started today!


Thanking you,

Addedcourse Team